Trip to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the largest city in California and second-largest city in USA. LA has a big variety of cultural attractions, museums, theatres, galleries. Hollywood is an epicentre for motion picture industry, which is also located in LA.

I had a great opportunity to visit this beautiful city in 2012. Of course the first thing that I’ve seen was LAX- Los Angeles international airport, which is one of the busiest airports in US. My hotel was located in Hollywood district so I decided to walk to the Hollywood boulevard at the first day. I was so happy to see it real, to see stars that are embedded in the sidewalks with names of different actors, musicians, directors, producers etc. Moreover I had a chance to visit Warner Brothers studio, where I’ve seen decorations for one of my favourite tv-shows called “Mentalist”, and I’ve seen car of its main character – Patrick Jane.

I’ve seen Santa Monica pier so many times in movies and I was so exited to see it real! I’ve visited Pacific park, this is an amusement park with the large Ferris wheel. From the top of the wheel i saw a wonderful view on the pacific ocean and city. That was amazing! And of course of the the most beautiful things that I’ve ever seen is Hollywood sign and the view from the hill.

I was really impressed by this city! It was not like what I imagined, but anyway this is a very beautiful city, full of sunshine, located on the pacific coast which makes LA even more attractive.








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